Does life seem more difficult than you think it ought to be?

Is it hard to let go of the worry, fears or disappointments and enjoy your life?

Maybe you've tried everything to change your situation or relationship and nothing seems to make a difference. Or perhaps a recent event is just too much and you feel overwhelmed with nowhere to turn. We are constantly challenged by the many people and circumstances in our lives. At times, all of us need help.  Counseling is an opportunity to bring hope and clarity to painful issues and difficult situations so you can live your life with greater intention, freedom, and joy.

Are you ready to discover a better life?

I am committed to helping others develop awareness and apply strategies which promote healing and change. In other words, I love to work with people to help them feel better! It is an honor to be invited to join in this process. Don't feel like you need to wait for a crisis to call me. Those who seek help early usually find that they enjoy the experience and have healthier, more satisfying lives as a result.


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