Do you feel like you are constantly fighting and just want it to stop?

Do you want to get back to the affection and excitement you once had?

Maybe you are tired of the arguments or you just feel like you and your spouse are living like roommates. You might even dread coming home at night, knowing that at some point, you have to face each other. Sure, you knew that there would be good and bad times, but you might not have thought it could be this difficult.

Whether you have one foot out the door or you know that this is just a rough patch, counseling can help you rebuild trust and intimacy. I work with couples to find a comfortable and safe place in each other so that when they do go home, instead of avoiding each other, they are looking forward to spending time together. 

On average, couples wait 6 to 7 years after an issue arises, before they seek help. Don't put off getting the support you need so that you can enjoy each other again. 

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